December 13, 2011

Good Ole Mum.


It is my mother again! To be honest, these pictures were taken a while ago...and while going through my camera and deleting some of the photos that caused it to be full, I found these. I truly don't mind having my mom all over my blog. She is so adorable! Three children and more than a few pounds later, she still manages to be super chic. I truly admire that about her! Go mommy!

November 27, 2011

Gold Days & Yellow Nights.


'Tis the season for 20-pound weight gain and unforgettable family memories. Thanksgiving is HERE! Even though this is one of my favorite holidays, it didn't turn out so fortunate towards the end. The food was amazing but Black Friday surely was not! I barely found a "good deal" and I was just disappointed when I couldn't purchase my new Canon camera :-( ...well, there is always next time right? "If I was meant to have it, I would have" that quote is truly what I rely on when I don't get my way. It helps me to move on and to forget! LOL
P.S. Yes, that is my mother! Isn't she so chic? :)

*Dress : Macy's
*Shoes : Department Store
*Bag : vintage

November 23, 2011

Hello Fall, Meet Spring!


Unfortunately, It isn't Spring and the weather is going from cool to COLD! But I woke up missing and reminiscing over Spring season. With all the autumn colors taking over my closet and moods, I decided to switch it up a little. My little 10 year-old brother finally took some of my Fashion posts photos (this shoot was done by him) and he was so excited! LOL I thought he did a great job...for a beginner. Ha! He's getting better and I'm glad he was able to capture the outfit...crappy camera and all. Gosh do I need a Canon BAD!

*Dress : Sears
*Belt : thrifted
*Shoes : Khol's

November 22, 2011

Shadows & Glittery Winds.


Rain, rain, GO AWAY! Man, normally, I love the rain!  But when I'm trying to capture my daily outfits through a set of photoshoots taken by my professional and skilled photographer... AKA my little thirteen year old sister, the rain really grinds my gears! The photos were not the best...clarity was unavailable...not to mention it was cold and windy! UGH! But my shoes brightened up my day a little. Aren't they just precious?! AHHH! I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them inside Charlotte Russe! I purchased them and never looked back! Ha :)

*Blouse : vintage & thrifted
*Shoes : Charlotte Russe
*Clutch : online store

November 20, 2011

Shades Of Greys.


Meet my MOTHER! The wanna-be Fashionista of my home. LOL. I can't even try and bash her, because my mother was really my inspiration as I was growing up. She always dressed her best and always looked elegant eveywhere she went. Which is why, I wasn't at all surprised when she decided that she would include her self in my infamous fashion blog posts. Yes, she actually DEMANDS pictures and claims that deep inside her soul and her fashion sense, lives a slim and chic model! It's funny and adorable seeing my mom take part in my Fashion Diary/Blog. She rocks!

November 19, 2011

Rainbow Before The Rain.


Hello loves! I have missed you guys A WHOLE LOT!!! I'm sorry I haven't been posting in a while. My life has been hectic...well it was. In my previous post, I've mentioned that I had to be at the hospital because a member of my family was very sick. Btw, THANK YOU for all your lovely wishes. Everyone and everything is okay and I am thankful. I haven't had the time to takes pictures of my daily outfits because I have been so busy...but my life is back on track and...LET THE BLOGGING RE-BEGIN! :)

*Top : Sears
*Shoes : Charlotte Russe
*Clutch : thrifted
*Necklace : H&M

November 2, 2011

Let Your Love Blow Me Away...

♥     ♥    

Saying that it has been a busy and stressful past few days, would be the biggest understatement ever! And I wish all this activity was "progressive work" related, but it wasn't. Earlier this week, I had a family emergency and had to be in the hospital with my loved ones. Hospitals give me the creeps but it was very interesting and comforting to see how caring nurses and doctors were. The week's events didn't allow me to get all dolled-up as usual...but I certainly tried.

*Dress : Sears
*Shoes : Candies
*Clutch : Sears
*Accessories : street vendor