December 29, 2011

Forever 21.


Yes, Ladies & Gents, my 2-1 is finally here! I have waited forever for that age. Not necessarily because I wanted to get [drunk] & act foolish, but because I didn't appreciate the limitations that NOT being 21 put on me. I couldn't enjoy a tasty Margarita when I wanted to, I couldn't sit at the bar while enjoying a nice plate of enough!
For my birthday, I didn't do much. Matter of fact, it wasn't at all an enjoyable night :-\ but I liked the fact that I got there. I hope to accomplish alot more during my 21st year of age...oh and, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!! xoxo...

*Vest : Forever 21
*Blouse : thrifted
*Clutch : Aldo
*Skirt : Forever 21
*Shoes : Charlotte Russe

December 23, 2011

Pondering Hopes.


Hello beautiful and fabulous people! Would you all like the GOOD or BAD news first? Eh, most people prefer the good news first since the bad news tend to overshadow & therefore ruin any chance that they could have had at enjoying the good news; I'll spill the goodie first.
When I took these pictures, I was SUPER excited! The temperature was GRRREAAAT and the wonderful little place that I took these photos was even better! Surrounded by geese, ducks & nature? Yep pretty cool. Bad news time!
Sooo, my little sister ended up FALLING...(slippery grass, it rained) and unfortunately broke her fall with MY camera! Sis is okay but my simple little point-&-shoot is dead. There is no reviving that one. RIP buddy. So the predicament that I'm in right now is that I do NOT have a camera! My birthday is just 5 days away & I might not blog for a while...I might even miss my BIRTHDAY pictures! Bahhh! Let's just hope that I figure something out QUICK! *sighhh*
-Sorry, I like to vent, and that...that felt goooood LOL!

*Bag : Jessica Simpson
*Vest : thrifted
*Pants : Sears
*Shoes : Charlotte Russe

December 17, 2011

Ugly Sweaters Count Too!


This is probably the BEST December month of all-time! I just can't get over how wonderful the weather is! It is so perfect...frosty without the snow. Yep, tis really the season for chunky sweaters! My little ten year old brother took these set of photos...he did great! LOL He is my substitute for when my little sister is giving me an attitude about taking them...don't you just love kids? *mutters things* Hah! I just need my brother & my tripod and I'll be a-okay! :)

*Sweater : thrifted
*Flats : random store
*Shorts : thrifted

March On, Toy Soldier.


[This was also an old post from the Summer] Like I said before, when I took this photo, I didn't have a Blogspot yet. This was my very FIRST picture that started this "blog frenzy". I really like this old vintage jumper. The sun was superb that day but the wind with its cool breeze was still blowing... it was the perfect combination!

*Jumper : vintage
*Boots : online store
*Bag : Charlotte Russe

December 15, 2011

Hey, Christmas Is Coming !


With Christmas less than 15 days away, everyone is getting ready for the most anticipated celebration of the year. On this particular night, my two younger siblings had their annual December Recital at their school. It's a very adorable program where the kids get to sing their favorite Christmas Carols and even perform the instrument of their choice. The outfit choice that I chose was extremely daring even for me! LOL But I just had to try it out. And you know what, I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I did. Are you ready for Christmas?

*Skirt : thrifted
*Top : Sears
*Bag : vintage
*Scarf : street vendor
*Shoes : Khol's

Cloudy With A Chance Of Red Lips!


Today was one of those days where I wished the rain would pack up its BS and leave! The rain is soothing at night, but during the daytime...when you are trying to get things is extremely annoying and inconvenient! Also, there are these weird white blothes all over my pics! See em? So weird. I even joked around & told my sister that I was being followed by know those old "theories" camera started doing that just a couple days ago and I am so not feeling it! It actually looks like it's sowing, but it isn't! Bahh. I just need a Canon or a Nikon. I can't say this enough ~sigh~

*Vest : thrifted
*Boots : online store
*Bag : Target

Minty Strawberry.


Summer is long gone. Do I miss it? Not really. I prefer the cold personally. This picture was taken during the Summer...when I did not start blogging yet. This was uploaded via Chictopia and unfortunately, I deleted the other photos. I was lucky enough to have this one saved on that account. I thought I'd share it...for old times sake...ya know? :-)

*Top : Charlotte Russe
*Shoes : Shoe Dazzle
*Bag : thrifted